A Keyesport man was killed Tuesday night in a single vehicle accident on Airport Avenue.  Bond County deputies say 63-year-old James E. Lynch lost control of his Dodge caravan as it overturned several times and struck an embankment.  Lynch was ejected from the van.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.  Bond County EMS and the Smithboro First Responders were called to the scene and the Greenville Fire Protection District's rescue squad was on standby. 


Greenville College is being spotlighted in a feature story for NBC’s “Today Show.”  A crew out of Dallas, Texas was on the campus Monday and Tuesday shooting footage for a story on the increased enrollment at Christian colleges.  GC will be the focus of the story featuring correspondent Don Teague.  Two students, a perspective student from Belleville, Biology professor Eugene Dunkley, and Director of Admissions Michael Ritter were interviewed.

WGEL talked with segment producer Bethany J. Thomas about the selection of Greenville College for their story.  She said that they have always had an interest in contemporary Christian music programs which GC is well known for.  After being assigned the story, Thomas contacted Greenville College’s admissions office and confirmed that their enrollment increase fit the description for the segment.   

Thomas said the story will run between two and three minutes and should air within the next few weeks.  She told WGEL that she was impressed with campus which she described as a “hidden jewel in the community.”


radio shack



Two residents addressed the Keyesport Village Board with their concern Monday night. Dorothy and Ray Higgins allege they have not been treated fairly by the village board. This regards an issue that happened about five months ago with a letter to the Higgins telling them to move items from their back yard because it was blocking the alley. The Higgins brought pictures they claim show instances where other Keyesport residents should be asked to do the same things that the Higgins are being asked to do. The board said they would follow up on the photos provided by the Higgins.

Justin Henkel approached the board asking for a bigger culvert by his boat shop to make it easier for boats and trailers to go in and out of the driveway. The council will pay for 14 ft of the culvert, Henkel has to pay for the remainder of the cost. Last month the board passed a motion that a letter be placed in last months water bills informing Keyesport residents in the spring they will be expected to mow ditches attached to their properties. Trustee candidates can now pick up petitions to run in April for the 2007 Election.


A joint review board whose responsibility is to examine a proposal by the City of Greenville for two TIF districts will meet for a second time.  The board, whose members represent the taxing bodies that would be affected by the proposed TIF districts, met on November 2nd.  They were given an explanation of what a TIF district is and what areas the city hopes to include.  These are basically the downtown area and the I-70/Route 127 interchange.  At the conclusion of that meeting, members were told to go back to their individual reports for feedback.

The review board has slated another meeting for Tuesday November 21 at 1PM at the Greenville Municipal Building.  They will discuss what recommendations should be made to the city council concerning the TIF districts.


Mother Nature hasn’t been a friend for contractors at Patriot’s Park who are trying to wrap up work on the dam. This has been a busy year at the park thanks to Clean Lakes grant funding.  Maintenance including dredging and silt removal is complete and once the dam is done construction will begin on the new boat dock.  In the Spring 2007, construction commences on wetlands located on the Jay Young property north of the park.  Kingsbury Park District Director Jerry Sauerwein told WGEL that he recently walked the site with engineers.  They are yet to finalize the placement of the wetlands.  This multi-part project has been undertaken to extend the life of Patriot’s Park Lake.

At Monday’s park board meeting, Sauerwein said he is putting the final touches on the tax levy for the coming fiscal year.  The board will vote on it during their December meeting.  The KPD recently completed another project as a water line was run to the pavilion at the nature preserve.



As reported earlier by WGEL, local Illinois State Trooper Mark Owensby went to Sydney, Australia to compete in the World Action Pistol Championships that took place October 31st - November 5th.  Owensby recently returned home, and told WGEL that along with his team member, they won the Metallic Team Championship. 

Individually there are four matches that make up a competitor's aggregate.  Individually, Owensby won the moving event and placed 3rd in the barricade event.  He placed fourth overall, but said that he could have had first.  The "plates" was the last event on Saturday morning.  Out of 48 plates to knock down, he missed two; therefore missing the overall individual title. 

Once over there, Owensby learned from the German team, that he was considered to be their biggest competition during the match, as they had researched his scores and standings from previous shoots.  In the end, Owensby was invited by the German team to compete in their championships in Germany next August. 

In between matches, competitors had time to sight-see, but that too, wasn't easy.  Owensby said the biggest thing was to learn to drive in Australia on the left side of the road.  Their cars have steering wheels on right side and for the first couple days it was stressful.  After finally returning home, he explained how he was trying to get the turn signal to work and the windshield wipers going because everything was backwards from driving over there for 10 days.

Even though the season is over this year for Owensby, it will start again in April.  He said he is hoping to compete in more matches next year, especially the one in Germany.


A new building is in the works for the Pocahontas American Legion Post 1104.  In fact, it's been several years since the post has had anywhere to call home.  Started in 1946 by returning veterans of WWII, Post 1104's members built the lake in Pocahontas.  Then with falling membership and not enough money, a building to house meetings and equipment was never feasible…until now. Post Commander Kent Weiss told WGEL that they are just getting started with the plans of the building. Tony Rench has volunteered to do all of the concrete work, and many members are construction workers, so if they can raise money for the building itself, they can do most of the work. 

The Pocahontas American Legion Post 1104 is hoping to find a piece of land somewhere in Pocahontas.  The post participates in many parades, color guards and events throughout the year and donates money raised to several veterans' organizations throughout the state of Illinois.


A full roster of highly respected coaches is speaking at Saturday’s 4th Annual I-70 Baseball Coaches Clinic.  These include University of Nebraska head coach Mike Anderson, Keith Madison who recently retired from the University of Kentucky, Indiana State head coach Lindsay Meggs, and Normal West High School’s Chris Hawkins.  Nationally renowned speaker Bruce Brown will round out the day.  Anderson led Nebraska to the College World Series in 2005 and has twice been named the Big 12 Conference Coach of the Year.  Madison is all-time wins leader at the University of Kentucky and served as pitching coach for Team USA in 1999. 

The clinic runs from 9am until 4pm Saturday at the Greenville Junior High and features not only the seminars but sporting goods exhibitors from around the Midwest.  All area coaches are invited to attend.  Details can be found on the web at www.i70clinic.com.


The property assessment equalization factor for Bond County remains the same as last year.  The Illinois Department of Revenue announced Monday that Bond County has been issued a tentative factor of 1.  Often called the "multiplier," this method is used to achieve uniform property assessments among counties, as required by law.  Some local taxing districts overlap into two or more counties and without the multiplier, inequities among taxpayers with similar properties would result.

State law requires property in Illinois to be assessed at one-third of its market value.  Farm property is assessed differently.  The equalization factor is determined annually for each county by comparing the sales price of individual properties sold over the past three years to the assessed value placed on those properties by the county supervisor of assessments. 

Assessments in Bond County are at 33.28 percent of market value, based on sales of properties in 2003, 2004, and 2005.  The factor currently being assigned is for 2006 taxes, payable in 2007.




Clyde Vincent, age 75 of Smithboro, Illinois, passed away at 8:12 a.m. Monday, November 13, 2006 in Greenville Regional Hospital in Greenville.

Funeral services will be held at 11:00 a.m. Thursday at the Donnell - Wiegand Funeral Home in Greenville with Rev. Dale Deverick officiating.  Interment will follow in Zion Cemetery.  Friends may call after 10:00 a.m. Thursday at the Donnell - Wiegand Funeral Home in Greenville.  For those who desire, memorials may be made to the family.

Clyde Vincent, the son of Henry Arthur and Myrtle Mae Harris Vincent, was born near Bingham, Illinois, Fayette County.  He was raised in Woburn and attended the one room school there. 

Mr. Vincent worked as an auto mechanic, heavy equipment mechanic and operated the Red Bird Gas Station.  He later managed Kerr McGee station and worked for 2 stations in Vandalia, then worked for Canter Implement and Bond Equipment. He was later self employed as a farm mechanic.

October 19, 1952 he married Velma Jewell Johnson, she preceded him in death on February 12, 2001.  

He is survived by his children; Clyde A. Vincent of Salem, Illinois, W. Michael Vincent of Smithboro, Illinois and step-daughter Edna, Mrs. Glenn McGuire of Greenville, 6 grandchildren, and 7 great-grandchildren. He was the last of seven brothers and sisters.  Harold Durr, his step-son also preceded him in death and 1 grandchild.

Memorials to the Family


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