The Bond County Health Board met Monday night with a number of items on the agenda. There was continued discussion about the whooping cough vaccinations. A recommendation was made stating that the county gives these shots to children who are entering both the 5th and 9th grade. The shots are free, but there will be a seven-dollar administration fee, payable at the time the shot is given. The recommendation passed unanimously.

Terms for the Health Board expire at the end of June for three members. Rev. Tim Pate, Anna Oestreich and Dr. Tracy Hall all have been asked to return and serve another term. The Board recommended their reappointment.

A private pay policy and fee was agreed upon and will be instituted for the Telehealth program. There had been some inquires about privately paying for the Telehealth monitors. The prices that were agreed upon are as follows: The Sentry monitor $175 per month; Genesis with out pulse-ox $92 per month; and Genesis with pulse-ox $100 per month.

The Health Board received three grants this month totaling $33,086. The first two are for the City readiness initiative and the St. Louis Area Regional Response System or STARRS. The $6,086 from CRI will be mainly used for salaries for the local emergency response coordinator, public information officer and the health department director. STARRS will coordinate the response to a variety of emergencies ranging from a biological attack to a natural disaster such as a tornado. While the 17,000 given by STARRS will be mostly spent on equipment needed. The equipment list includes items like a generator, satellite phone, 2-way radios, and a trailer where these and other items can be stored. The third grant was $10,000 for the Pandemic Flu preparedness. This is concerning the Asian Bird-flu. There have only been 200 cases worldwide and mainly in Asia. This grant is for preventive actions in case there were an outbreak in the U.S.

The building and grounds committee made their report from their April meeting to the board. They gave the board the space issues recommendations and shared their suggestions. After some discussion it was decided to send the issue back to the committee with the task of finding a company to develop a master plan for the possible construction of a new building or an addition to the existing structure.

In other business the board has begun work on the IPLAN. This is the Illinois Project Local Assessment of needs that every county has to do about every five years. They will talk about county health issues and find the top three health priorities locally and develop a plan.


While many local residents know Lisette Ehrat for her involvement in Dairy Day or for her advice on investments, she is finding success in another venue through a collie named Adair. Ehrat told WGEL that the dog was given to the family when it was just a 9-week old puppy. After enrolling Adair in basic puppy training in Greenville, she decided to further the dog's education. Lisette explained how this evolved to the show ring from a visit to a collie show. She said that after watching the other dogs perform, she felt confident that Adair could do the same thing so she contacted a trainer in Brownstown.

Lisette and Adair had their first show last September in Belleville and the collie won obedience and rally titles with high marks of over 190. A score of 200 is perfect. The showing resulted in Adair receiving an excellence award from "Front and Finish," a dog trainer's magazine.

Adair as Top-Scoring Dog at the St. Louis Collie Club Show

with owner Lisette Ehrat in the middle

She admitted that their success is a combination of the dog's talent, her determination, and a really good trainer. Ehrat also shed some light on the communication between dog and owner. The dog has its own natural language and once the owner learns to speak this "dog language" that it's amazing how smart the animal is. She concedes that its really a matter of training the human and not the dog.

In a competition, Adair must be able to make stops, turns, and follow the pace of her walk. She is only allowed one command to the dog, either verbal or a hand gesture. Due to their success, Lisette and Adair have made the jump from novice to "open" class. Adair has also been named "Favorite Farm Dog" by Prairie Farmer magazine and will appear on the cover of an upcoming issue. Along with his competitive talents, Adair has been certified as a therapy dog and visits Fair Oaks residents twice a month.


The Keyesport Village Board held their monthly meeting on Monday night and announced that Gayle Edwards has turned down the job of the Village Treasurer. At this time they are still looking for a Treasurer to fill the position of Virginia Osewalt, who is willing to stay until a replacement is found and trained. Earlier in the month the Keyesport Water Tower was drained and inspected. Everything checked out ok. Later on this summer the Water Tower will be repainted the same color that it is now. The board approved a motion to spend $1,500 of the community center's budget to build a volleyball court and put new swings at the park next to the old school. Needed are poles for the volleyball net and 75 tons of sand for the volleyball court. Later this month the residents of Keyesport will be able to purchase postage stamps that will benefit breast cancer research. It was reported to the village board that a book of stamps will be sold at the Keyesport post office for $9.00 instead of $7.99 with the extra dollar going to the cancer research. At the end of the meeting the board went into executive session to discuss legal matters regarding an alley on West Davis Street that needs an alleged obstruction cleared. The resident was in attendance at the meeting but the board did not want to discuss it in open session.


At last night's Greenville City Council meeting the Council approved the 2006-07 budget giving City Manager Dave Willey a spending guideline for the coming year. Although the budget has been passed large spending proposals will have to be approved as the year progresses. Mayor Alan Gaffner repeated his opposition for purchasing new police squad cars this year. The Council passed Leonard Taylor's request to have his land near Mt. Auburn Cemetery rezoned single family residential and annexed into the City. They declared May 15th Peace Officer Memorial Day in honor of officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. The Council also spent time discussing the use of the extra $280,000 a year the City has for street improvement from the increase in the Sales Tax rate. The Council seemed split as to whether to issue Bonds based on future revenues to do a big project or to use the money to pay for improvements as the tax is collected. City Manager Willey suggested a combination of Bond issues for big projects such as Beaumont Avenue and use some of the funds for annual street projects. It was decided to schedule a special meeting with an invitation for citizen input.

Stray cats may soon find Greenville and Bond County a tough place to live. Willey reported he and County Chairperson Jill Franks were working on changes in animal control in the form of a nuisance animal ordinance that would allow stray cats to be rounded up and if not claimed put to sleep or adopted by local agencies. Willey also noted the Elm Street project is underway with the railroad crossing now closed for repairs. He added that by working with the County striping of 4th Street should soon be underway. And the City is looking at new sewer line to extend from Wheatfield Subdivision to Red Ball Trail. The Council adjourned into Executive Session to discuss collective bargaining, sale of real estate and pending litigation. You can see the entire open session of last night's meeting tonight at 6PM on Greenville Cable Channel 3.



The Pocahontas/Sorento track team finished 2nd at the Greenfield Sectional with 65 points. Qualifying for state are the 8th grade boys 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 teams of Andrew Childerson, Brian Doll, Josh Majerus, and Colin Parr; Blake Tebbe in the 110 Hurdles; Paul Schreiber and Brian Doll in the discus; Josh Majerus in the 800; Brian Doll in the 400; Kelsey Kniepmann in the 100 Hurdles, Long Jump, and 200; and the 7th grade girls 4 x 100 team of Kniepmann, Amber Hunsell, Elizabeth Rakers, and Claire Bost. Logan Dorries will serve as an alternate for the 8th grade boys team.

The Lady Comets soccer team was defeated by Breese Central 3-1 on Tuesday. The GHS goal was scored by Rachel Zahniser and assisted by Kelsey Spainhour and Deirdhre Jett recorded 5 saves in goal for Greenville.


The Aces lost 15-3 to Beecher City. Josh Elam had two hits while James Lynch had an RBI double.


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