Future use of water in Bond County was a subject at both the County Board and Greenville City Council meetings. The possibility of a new Greenville City lake in Bond County has been no secret, but a proposal by Ameren to dam up the East fork of Shoal Creak may get that project some new publicity.


At the December 18th meeting of the Bond County Board several residents voiced concerns about the effects of Ameren wanting to put a gate and pump station along the East fork of Shoal Creek in order to hold water to be pumped back into Coffeen Lake. The Board voted to send a request for a public hearing on the project to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA). 


Now the City of Greenville has concerns about Ameren's plans and City Manager Dave Willey has sent a letter to the IEPA saying the City is investigating the feasibility of a new reservoir on the East Fork. We talked to Dave Willey about the City's plan for a new lake and how Amerens' proposal could cause problems for that project. Willey's letter asks the IEPA that the City concerns are adequately addressed prior to a permit being issued for the Ameren project. Willey went on to say plans for a second city lake have been no secret but a public hearing on the proposal would be held sometime in January.



A Highland Ambulance with two EMT's, in route to an accident Friday, December 21st, was involved in an accident itself.  The ambulance, driven by Timothy Rusteberg, 35 of Highland, was northbound on Zschokke Street when it collided with a vehicle, driven by Michael Iberg, 32 of Highland. 


The Iberg vehicle was eastbound on 9th Street when the two vehicles met in the middle of the intersection.  The momentum of the impact carried both vehicles off the roadway. The ambulance struck an apartment building, owned by Mark Bellm, doing damage to the building. 


Rusteberg and another EMT, Brian Duncan, 43 also of Highland, were taken to St. Joseph Hospital in Highland for treatment, by another Highland ambulance.  Iberg was not injured, but was cited for allegedly having no insurance.



Prior to the regular Mulberry Grove Board of Education meeting Monday night, a public hearing was held at 7PM, at which Superintendent Irwin reviewed the updated 2007 Tax Levy information.  The district is expecting an overall increase of 4.33 %, in funds, above the 2006 Levy. 


At the regular meeting at 7:30PM, Agriculture / Industrial Arts Instructor Matt Elam and two students demonstrated a software program involving electrical circuit design.


Following executive session, letters of retirement were accepted from Jane Eaton, Mary Adams, and Kathy Lappe, effective at the end of the 2011-2012 year. A letter of retirement was accepted from Gay Rench effective at the end of the 2008-2009 school year. The sporting clay club confirmation for 2008-2009 was approved as presented.


The 2007 District Levy was approved as presented. And, the 2008 graduation dates were set.  8th Grade graduation will be May 15th at 7PM and High School graduation will be May 17th at 1PM. The next scheduled board meeting will be January 22nd. 




With the end of the year just around the corner, residents are reminded of some new laws that will be going into effect, starting January 1st.  One of the most widely debated new laws is the ban on public smoking applied to all businesses and public places. 


The Graduated Driver's Licensing Program has also been widely discussed this year with two new laws to improve results.  Senate Bill 140 prohibits anyone under 19 years old, who has a driving permit, from using cell phones while driving, except in the case of an emergency.  And House Bill 518 will allow parents to access the driving records of their teenagers.


A new law for the holiday season is House Bill 369 that says gift certificates and gift cards cannot expire, nor have their value reduced, as long as they are used within a five-year time frame.  Over 100 new laws will go into effect in Illinois in less than a week.



The holidays are a time for giving, but not for giving unwisely.  The FBI has some advice to reduce your chances of getting scammed. The basic rule of thumb is, "When in doubt, check it out."  If you get unsatisfactory answers about a charity or fundraising activities, take your money elsewhere.


Be sure to get the actual name, address and phone number of a charity before giving.  Then check it out by going to the IRS website at www.irs.gov. Never give personal information to anyone over the phone. And don't be intimidated about giving.  You have the right to say no, if you are unsure about the person with whom you are talking.


If you feel you have been a victim of a scam, contact the Federal Trade Commission at 877-FTC-HELP, (877-382-4357).


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