Lauren Gall is the 2008 Bond County Fair Queen. Lauren was also voted Miss Congeniality and Peoples choice at last nights Fair Queen Pageant. Ellen Henderson was first runner up and Whitney Lowery was second runner up and Most Photogenic. Again Lauren Gall is this years Bond County Fair Queen and will represent Bond County at the State Fair Pageant in Springfield.



Under the heading of new business at last Monday night's Greenville Planning Commission meeting, City Code enforcement officer Matt Willman told the Commission that Greenville College might want to change their zoning from residential to business.  Under Residential Zoning, for most campus building projects, the College has to seek a variance. In other action, the board voted to pass along for City Council consideration a revised plat for several lots in Creewood Subdivision on Killarney Drive and a change of zoning from business to manufacturing. The board voted to hold a special meeting just prior to the August City Council meeting.



According to President Dr. James Underwood, Kaskaskia College is on the cutting edge in technology applications and he credits Director of Information Technology Gina Glotfelty as a key to this process.  Kaskaskia College now has a completely wireless environment, allowing students access to the worldwide web at any location on campus.  Educational center outreach programs at Vandalia, Salem, Greenville, Trenton, and Nashville, are electronically connected to the main campus.  Interactive video conferencing technology allows instructors at the main campus to broadcast to the other sites in real time.  Sixteen percent of students take online classes and students who are serving their country in the armed services continue their education, during their non-duty time, online.



The Illinois Department of Public Health, the Foundation for quality Health Care, and the Bond County Health Department remind you of the risk of heat related illnesses.  With extremely high temperatures, the risk of heat related illnesses is a major factor in heat stroke, heat exhaustion and heat rash. To guard against these illnesses, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, even if you're not thirsty, wear loose fitting clothing, and never leave elderly, children, or pets in a parked car.


Use these helpful tips to protect yourself and others from overheating.



Recently, the Bond County State's Attorneys Office has received an unusually high number of notices from Bond County citizens who have received notifications, via U.S. Mail, advising them they have won millions of dollars in Lottery International programs.  Most of these notifications contain a check, with the money to be used to pay a tax or fee associated with receiving the winnings.  Victims, who follow the directions, are asked to deposit the check in their account and then wire the money for the fees to an address outside the United States. This is a scam.  Checks and documents are forgeries and not valid.  However, usually before the documents have been identified as false, monies have already been sent and the victim has lost his hard-earned cash. 


According to Investigator James O. Stever, no legitimate lottery will request a winner to pay fees up front and if you did not enter a lottery in a foreign county, it is highly probable you did not win.  Report such scams to the Bond County State's Attorneys Office at 664-2262.


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