The Greenville City Council held a special meeting to put in place land and agreements to expand the city's industrial TIF district to land a major employer.  Greenville assistant City Manager Lisa Stephens, fresh from landing a huge distributorship for Greenville that will start construction this summer, has Greenville in the final three for a two to three hundred million-dollar project that would employ 600 in the initial construction and 120 to 200 permanent jobs. To get in a position to land what she described as a heavy industrial project, 130 acres of land had to be de-annexed from Smithboro and annexed to Greenville.


As WGEL reported Tuesday, the Village of Smithboro agreed to de-annex the property at their meeting Monday night. Tuesday night in a special meeting, the Greenville City Council agreed to annex the property and entered into an intergovernmental agreement with Smithboro for a 50 percent reduction in water cost for the life of a proposed TIF district and 50 percent off sewer for 10 years. Greenville also agreed to help Smithboro solve an odor problem they have at their lift station. Greenville will now work with their consultant to get the 130 acres into a TIF district. The industrial prospect is looking for TIF benefits.  City Manager Dave Willey told WGEL it would take until September to accomplish the addition to the city's industrial TIF.  He also added his thanks to the Smithboro Board and to Mayor Lora Kennedy for their help in making the transfer of land from Smithboro to Greenville possible. 



The Bond County Board met Tuesday morning at the courthouse.  On the agenda was the issuing of 2.1 million dollars in general obligation self-insurance refunding bonds.  The money from these bonds will allow the county to remain in the Illinois County Insurance Trust.  The bonds were bought by banks through out the metro east, including some banks in Bond County.  The county did receive an A+ bond rating from Standard and Poor’s, which made selling the bonds easier. 


The Bond County Board also approved four liquor license renewals for the Bond County VFW, Mabry’s, Nuby’s Steakhouse and Dutch Mill.  Four members of the Bond County Health Board were approved to serve another term with the Health Board; they were Brenda Miller, Dr. Tracy Hall, Sandy Lang and Anna Oestreich.  The board also approved the County Clerk’s report that showed $16,882.40 was transferred to the Treasure’s office in May. 


Near the end of the meeting, the progress of hiring a recycling director was discussed.  It was decided the best course of action is to continue to gather information about possible recycling initiatives in the county before hiring a director.  And the board passed a motion naming Joe Whalen, James Keaster and Joyce Hasenmeyer to the Fayco Board.     




Officers from the Bond County Sheriff's Department responded to a motorcycle accident Tuesday night on Rt. 127, north of Greenville.  According to the accident report, Kenny L. Knetzen, age 30, of Hillsboro, was northbound on a motorcycle when he struck a deer in the roadway.  Bond County EMS transported Knetzen to Greenville Regional Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.  Knetzen was cited for allegedly having no motorcycle license.  There was major damage to the motorcycle.





The Illinois Department of Employment Security has released a report showing that unemployment rates have risen in the St. Louis Metro Area. The rate for April 2009 was 7.7%, an increase of 2.2% compared to April 2008. Bond County showed an unemployment increase from 5.3% in April 2008 to 7.2% in April 2009. Other counties also showed increases. Unemployment in Clinton County increased from 5% to 6.2%, Madison from 5.1% to 8%, Macoupin from 6.4% to 8.1% and St. Clair from 6% to 8%. Almost all professions showed job losses.  





Cellular Connections in Greenville sponsored a charity fundraiser Saturday, May 30, at Maybry' Restaurant.  Regina Johnson reported that more than $1200.00 was raised for each of two charities: Special Olympics and the Ceri Joiner Foundation.  The Chapman Brothers Band was on hand to entertain from 1:30 - 3:30 PM.  The "Chicken Wing Eating Contest" followed with 14 contestants.  Nick Blackburn won this event and his prize was a new cell phone.  Four men participated in the "Win-A-Date" auction.  Caleb Thompson was the highest money winner in this event.  Thanks to everyone who contributed in any way to make this event a success.




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