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After and hour and a half discussion, mostly between engineers and councilmen, the Greenville City Council Tuesday night came to a consensus to go ahead with engineering work for the entire renovation of 4th Street from Franklin to Route 40. WGEL talked to City Manager Dave Willey, “There was a whole lot of discussion, we had some decisions to make on how to fund the South 4th Street improvements and how to fund this years road project, and the council is looking at a whole slue of opportunities for that and it is not clear yet where we are going to land.”  We’ll have a complete set of plans to go from Franklin to Route 40 on 4th Street, with both storm sewer, sidewalk, and road way. So we will have finished plans ready to go no matter what direction we intend to take.”  




You may have noticed the old Belfry building is being torn down. The Belfry was originally a motel and in later years was an antique and collectibles store. Local businessman Dave Bearley recently bought the property. WGEL talked to Dave about his plans for that commercial location. “we're trying to get it cleaned up, and just make it look a little bit better out here. We’re not going to do anything with it right now, it’s just our personal property, but I’m not going to rule anything out. But for right now we are just going to clean it up and make sure no body gets hurt out here.”




Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that a settlement agreement has been reached with Oppenheimer Funds Inc. to resolve an investigation into the company's management of the underlying funds in the state's 529 college savings plan, Bright Start. According to the terms of the settlement, Oppenheimer has agreed to pay Illinois 77.23 million, which will be distributed to the eligible Bright Start account holders. Illinois is the first of many states to execute a final settlement agreement with Oppenheimer.





The first annual "Bikes around the Lake" at Carlyle Lake was a success, raising more the $6,000 towards the Veterans Tribute at Kaskaskia College. Nearly 400 riders participated. The Veteran Tribute Project acknowledges all veterans, living or deceased, who are connected to the Kaskaskia College district. The veterans become eligible for recognition and everlasting tribute. The Tribute will be located on the college campus and will be constructed and maintained through donations.


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