The Bond County Board held a special meeting Wednesday night at the courthouse.  The crowd numbered nearly 70 people and there were only two items on the agenda, first the immediate dismissal of the supervisor of assessments and second the non-reappointment of the supervisor of assessments.  Board chairman Brock Willeford presented five points he believed constituted grounds for dismissal of the supervisor of assessments Tammy Gerdes.  Those points are summarized as: point one, the refusal of Gerdes to attend Bond County Board meetings after she had been asked to attend, second failure to fully use software purchased by the county to aid in assessments, third the arbitrary increase of certain properties around Governor Bond Lake, fourth the misrepresentation to the public that all properties were reassessed prior to the 6% increase, and fifth failure to institute proper assessment practices during her tenure as assessor.  After each point, Willeford asked if any board member or Gerdes wished to respond.   

Gerdes was in attendance at this meeting and read a prepared statement.  In the statement she said, “The area around the lake has in the past enjoyed higher values to their properties while being under assessed which has resulted in this area not paying its fair share of the tax burden. As the lake lots were raised 16% and the buildings were raised 6%, this resulted in most of the lake property on the total line of assessment increasing about 8 to 9% over last year.”  She concluded by saying, "If there were questions or issues, the county board would direct the taxpayer to contact the office or would contact the office themselves.  They have chosen instead to publicly humiliate and belittle me and this office due to their own personal and political gains.”  WGEL Radio spoke with Gerdes who said the changes wanted in the software process would take up to four years to complete.  Board chairman Willeford said he, as chairman, would not have allowed an open meeting to turn into something that would belittle anyone. 

After Gerdes' statement and discussion of the five points concerning dismissal and public discussion, board member Joe Whalen moved to go into executive session to discuss any possible legal liability concerning the dismissal.  After the executive session, a motion was made by Tom DeVore and seconded by Jack Langel to immediately remove the supervisor of assessments.  The vote went right down party lines with Republicans Willeford, DeVore, and Langel voting yes, and Democrats Joe Whalen and Frank Lucco voting no.  Since the removal needed a super majority to pass, the supervisor of assessments was not removed.  The next motion was the non-reappointment of Gerdes as the supervisor of assessments when her term ends February 29, 2012. This motion required a simple majority to pass.  This vote again went down party lines with Willeford, Langel, and DeVore voting yes and Whalen and Lucco voting no.  WGEL Radio asked both Whalen and Lucco for comment following the meeting, both declined.  A new supervisor of assessments will be in place March 1, 2012.  Willeford told WGEL Radio, at the next county board meeting he hopes to start the application process to find that person.  You may see the entire open meeting of the Bond County Board on Newwave Channel 12 at 6:00 p.m. Friday.   



Greenville High School had a special program Thursday to honor our area Veterans.  Greenville High School Principal Wendy Porter said Mrs. Jennifer Dannaman organized the event, which included a performance by band and chorus students.  The student council also participated.  All of the veterans at the event were recognized and filmed.  The film was played in the background during the program so the kids would know who the veterans were and where they served.  FFA members read a story about the soldiers from Iwo Jima.  Daniel Suess read a tribute to the Korean War which was written by an anonymous Greenville High School veteran.  Porter felt the event went very well.


It is the time of year when temperatures get cooler and leaves are falling off the trees.  The City of Greenville has a few ways to help you keep your yard leaf-free this fall.  Now through Friday, December 16th, the city will be vacuuming leaves from yards.  You are are asked to rake your small, stick-free piles of leaves to the edge of the curb or yard so the vacuum can reach them.  Leaves may also be bagged and placed out for collection on your garbage pickup day.  Finally, leaf burning will be permitted from now until December 30th on private property on Mondays and Thursdays, and on the first and third weekends of the month, from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


William J. Stallard

William J. Stallard, age 86, of Highland, passed away Wednesday, November 9 at Highland Health Care Center.  Funeral services will be Monday, at 11:00 a.m. at Spengel-Boulanger Funeral Home in Highland.  Burial will be in Robinson Cemetery at a later date.  Friends may call Monday, from 10:00 a.m. until service time at the funeral home.  Memorials are suggested to Heartland Hospice.

Harold "Ray" Gray

Harold "Ray" Gray, age 66, of Keyesport, passed away Wednesday, November 9 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Highland.  Funeral services will be Saturday, at 1:00 p.m. at the First Christian Church in Greenville.  Burial will be in McKendree Chapel Cemetery west of Keyesport.  Friends may call Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. until service time at the church.  Memorials are suggested to the First Christian Church in Greenville, Bond Christian Service Camp, or to the ALS Association of St. Louis.


SATURDAY - mostly sunny, high 62, low 52

SUNDAY - mostly cloudy with a 30% chance of showers, high 65, low 49

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