The Bond County Board approved the 2012 budget Wednesday night.  In a process taking months to complete, the board passed a budget significantly lower than 2011.  The 2012 budget was approved at just under 3.7 million dollars, about a $130,000.00 reduction from 2011.  The budget is balanced with neither a shortfall nor surplus and the tax levy will not be raised by the Bond County Board.  The county board went through the budget one more time at Wednesday night’s meeting before voting 5-0 to approve.  Board Chairman Brock Willeford thanked Tom DeVore for his many hours working on the budget and also thanked Bond County Clerk Randy Reitz, Bond County Treasurer Katie Weiss, and their staffs. 




Legislation giving the Tenaska Corporation the financial green light to begin constructing the Taylorville Energy Center was brought back for yet another vote and this time the measure received legislative approval.  Ray Watt spoke with State Senator Kyle McCarter about the issue. The one-time supporter turned opponent, McCarter told colleagues in debate the deal leaves an out-of-state corporation a big winner and Illinois citizens and utility customers the big losers.  McCarter said the bill guarantees a return for 30 years.  It also mandates that citizens will have to buy power at an above market rate.  McCarter says it does not make sense.  He went on to say the simple truth is that Tenaska is trying to place nine billion dollars of risk and cost on the backs of Illinois consumers while looking out for only themselves.  He said loopholes in the legislation would let Tenaska out of paying the cost of overruns to build the plant, leaving residential and business rate payers to pick up the tab.  The Senate eventually approved the bill on a vote of 30-28.  The measure now heads to the Illinois House of Representatives for consideration.



The State of Illinois recently conducted a three day earthquake exercise.  The Bond County Health Department was one of dozens of state organizations which participated and we spoke with Terry Everett, Emergency Preparedness Director for Bond County about how it went. The Bond County Health Department participated with the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois Emergency Management Agency in a simulated three-day exercise, November 15-17.  They tested many things such as setting up the Bond County Health Department Emergency Operations Center.  Everett told WGEL he hopes they never have to put the plan into action for real, however the exercise went well, so he believes they will be prepared. For more information on what you should do in the event of an earthquake or an emergency in general, go to www.ready.illinois.gov.


Many fighting men and women will be spending their holidays in the Middle East this year.  If you plan to send a care package, your deadline is soon. Greenville Postmaster Lynn Todt gave WGEL the details. The last day to mail your packages to the Army Post Offices and Fleet Post Offices is generally December 10.  The only APO or FPO that is due by December 3 is one which has a zip code starting in 093.  The post office has flat rate boxes which you may fill as much as you like and ship for one rate.  What you may send to a given location varies from place to place.  Be sure to put a card inside the package with both the delivery and return addresses.  Select a box strong enough to protect all the contents.  When mailing framed photographs, take out the glass and wrap it separately.  The maximum weight for any package is 70 pounds.  The maximum total length plus girth is 130 inches.  To get a list of suggested items to send overseas, go to www.USTroopCarePackage.com and check their shopping list.  For all other questions regarding custom forms, proper mailing procedure, or which items to send to specific locations, call the Greenville Post Office at 664-0145.


Eugene Lenart

Eugene Lenart, age 74, of Greenville, passed away Wednesday, November 30 at Helia Healthcare in Greenville.  Funeral services and burial will be in Chicago.  Friends may call Sunday, from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. at the Donnell-Wiegand Funeral Home in Greenville.  Memorials are suggested to the family.


SATURDAY - mostly sunny, high 56, low 47

SUNDAY - 30 % chance of rain in morning, partly sunny, high 49, low 32


Tune into Public Affairs this Sunday following the noon Bond County area news on WGEL Radio.  Tom’s guest this week is Bond County Assistant State’s Attorney Dora Mann.  They will discuss the need in the county for foster homes, how you may help, and ways to help foster children this Christmas.  That is Public Affairs this Sunday following the noon Bond County area news on WGEL Radio. 

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