The Kelsey Business & Technology Park in Greenville was recently listed as one of CSX Railroad’s “Select Sites” following several months of assessment and site analysis by both the City of Greenville and Austin Consulting.  CSX Assistant Vice President of Regional Development Clark Robertson said Select Site designation indicates “green light” properties along the CSX network where projects may move forward rapidly because all known risk factors have been identified and potential issues resolved.  Scott Lurkins, Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Greenville, said Greenville may now effectively compete for investments and good paying, sustainable jobs.  According to Lurkins, the investment opportunity this certification could bring is of great significance and something they plan to build upon as they continue growing the pipeline of industrial leads.  To receive the CSX Select Site designation, sites ranging from 100 - 1,000 acres must meet a rigorous list of requirements, including infrastructure and utility availability, environmental reviews, appropriate zoning and entitlement, air quality permitting, rail serviceability, proximity to highways or interstates, and other attributes.  The Kelsey Business & Technology Park is one of only five CSX Select Sites currently in the United States and the only site in Illinois.  For more information about the CSX Select Site program, visit their website www.csx.com.



The lawsuit over the county’s redistricting map was heard in Bond County Court Wednesday afternoon.  The man who is suing the county and county clerk Randy Reitz over the redistricting map is Ron Shevlin.  Shevlin’s attorney made the argument that the map passed by the Bond County Board is invalid due to a mistake made by County Board Chairperson Brock Willeford in mislabeling a few census blocks.  According to Cueto, Shevlin’s attorney, that mistake means the map voted on was flawed and therefore invalid.  Cueto also argued the map passed by the board needlessly split five townships, two municipalities, and four precincts.  As a possible remedy to the situation, Shevlin’s attorney suggested using a map created by Dr. Randy Pearson of SIUE who has been a witness in the lawsuit at a previous hearing.  According to the arguments of attorney Long, representing the county and Reitz, the Pearson map has its own problems, including splitting Old Ripley Township into three different districts.  The Pearson map also splits three townships, one municipality, and three precincts, according to Long.  Long also argued a map that splits fewer municipalities, townships, and precincts could likely be drawn in most counties, but that does not make the map passed by the board invalid.  Long argued the lawsuit was asking to throw out a valid legislative act, namely the vote of the county board elected by the voters.  Judge Metz heard the arguments and promised to look over all the new information submitted and work through the weekend to possibly come to a judgment. 


Scholarship season has arrived and many parents are at a loss as to how to help their student find scholarships.  We spoke with Greenville High School Guidance Counselor Mrs. Dawn Mulholland recommends you complete and file the FAFSA as soon as possible.  Basically, there are three types of scholarships.  National scholarships are ones which may be found online for all students.  Institutional scholarships are available through college institutions, and are available to students attending that particular college if they meet specific requirements.  The third type of scholarship is the regional or local scholarship.  Mrs. Mulholland told WGEL the guidance department at Greenville High School begins posting regional scholarships January 1 both online and outside of the guidance office at the high school. When applying for a scholarship, pay attention to the criteria listed in its application and be sure to meet all deadlines listed. Two great sites on which parents may look for national level scholarships are.www.collegezone.com and www.fastweb.com.


St. Nicholas Church in Pocahontas sponsored an American Red Cross blood drive Tuesday, January 24.  Twenty five people registered with 20 units collected.  Mary Gaffner received a nine-gallon pin and JR Stewart a six-gallon pin.


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SATURDAY - sunny, high 39, low 28

SUNDAY - mostly sunny, high 37, low 26


Tune into Public Affairs this Sunday following the noon Bond County area news on WGEL Radio.  Michelle’s guest this week is Kaskaskia College President Dr. Jim Underwood.  They will talk about Phase II of the construction plans for Kaskaskia College campus in Vandalia, and how they hope the new facilities will benefit the people of our community.  That’s Public Affairs this Sunday following the noon Bond County area news here on WGEL.

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