Greenville City Manager Dave Willey conducted two Town Hall meetings Wednesday regarding the budgeting process for the city and the difficult decisions the city faces. Willey told WGEL the budgeting process they have is large and complex and difficult to explain. Ultimately, balancing the city’s budget is no different than your home budgeting process.  All budgeting is making choices about including one thing or cutting another and those choices all have consequences.  If you want to include a service, you must also have the personnel to provide that service.  If you want to cut personnel, some services will also be cut. Willey said the purpose of the meetings was to let Greenville residents know there are difficult choices to be made.  They were not making any decisions about items currently in the budget.
The meeting included information about current and possible cost issues facing the city and attendees reviewed 19 ways the city might raise revenues, cut costs, or address other spending needs.  No decisions were made because the meetings were for education only. Nineteen persons attended the noon meeting and nine were at the 5:30 p.m. meeting.
Willey said there will be at least one more such meeting before the budget is due to be reviewed by the city council at their regular May meeting.



The Kingsbury Park District applied for a special use permit to place a donated building at Patriot’s Park and the request was unanimously approved at the Bond County Board meeting Tuesday night.  KPD Director Jerry Sauerwein said Bechtel Corporation donated the building to be placed at Patriot’s Park and used as an indoor pavilion, available for renting for events.  The building will be air conditioned and heated and will be a great addition to Patriot’s Park.  Sauerwein said the only cost to the KPD will be transportation of the building and pouring the concrete pad.  The building had been used by Bechtel as an office building during a construction project. 

The board gave chairman Brock Willeford authority to extend the Special Services District Contract with Greenville Regional Hospital for 120 days while negotiations continue on a new longer contract.  The Special Services District is the agreement in partnership with Greenville Regional Hospital to provide ambulance service to the county.

There might soon be a new sign welcoming people to Greenville.  Watson Tidball attended the meeting and said a generous donor had offered to pay for a lighted sign that could be located at the bottom of Mill Hill to welcome travelers to Greenville, along with Greenville College and other non-profit local organizations.  While the process is just getting started the sign could be a nice addition.  State’s Attorney Chris Bauer said since the area where the sign could be placed touches a state highway, IDOT approval may be needed.  Bauer said he would get clarification on that issue and be in touch with Tidball. The land where the sign might be placed belongs to the county.   


The DeMoulin Museum will be the main focus of an episode of an award winning television show.  John Goldsmith said it was a great day for the DeMoulin Museum.  Mark McDonald, of WSEC, visited Tuesday, March 20.  WSEC is the public broadcasting station in Springfield.  McDonald is the producer of a program called Illinois Stories.  John said the visit could not have gone better, was a fantastic experience, and he is looking forward to seeing the show which should air in a few weeks.  John was invited to Western Illinois Museum in Macomb to do a program on the DeMoulin Museum.  One of the men who attended that program knew McDonald and was so impressed with the history of the DeMoulin Museum that he suggested they feature it in an episode.  The focus of the program was on the lodge initiation devices.  They were able to demonstrate three of these popular devices including their newest artifact, the DeMoulin Trick Camera. 


Picture by DeMoulin Museum



The Greenville High School musical cast and crew invite you to the final performances of Disney’s "Beauty and the Beast."  Mr. Shawn Cox said there was great audience turnout the first weekend and there are still tickets available for this weekend. Performances continue through Saturday, March 24 at 7:00 p.m.  Tickets are $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for children age 12 and under. Tickets are still available at the high school and Watson’s Drug Store.  Tickets are $1.00 more at the door.  For more information or to order tickets, call the high school office at 664-1370.


Dorothy File Scott

Dorothy File Scott, age 87, of Lebanon, formerly of Litchfield, passed away Thursday, March 22 at Cedar Ridge Healthcare Center in Lebanon.  Funeral arrangements for 87 year-old Dorothy File Scott are incomplete at the Perfetti Funeral Home in Sorento.


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Tune into Public Affairs this Sunday following the noon Bond County Area news on WGEL Radio.  Michelle’s guest this week is celebrated author and public speaker Kimberly Johnson.  They will talk about youth character education, the important role it plays in a child’s development, and how it may benefit society as a whole.  That’s Public Affairs this Sunday following the noon Bond County Area news here on WGEL.

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