The Bond County Board met Tuesday evening with several items on the agenda. We talked with Bond County Board Chairman, Brock Willeford, about several of those topics, including the extension of the county’s Special Service District with Greenville Regional Hospital.

Willeford told WGEL the hospital has been providing ambulance service to the county for some time and they have been working on a new agreement with them.  Willeford said they have had a change of leadership at the hospital and their extension is coming to an end.  At this time, they are looking to extend it by another 90 days so they can meet with the new leadership and hammer out the details of the agreement.

The Hookdale Bridge project should be wrapping up soon.  They will be able to use some of the leftover decking to fix the Dorris Creek Bridge. 

Willeford said this year’s audit was a vast improvement over last year’s and the budget is looking good for this year. 

The board voted to limit the number of liquor licenses in the county to the actual number of current license holders.

Supervisor of Assessments Deb Langham showed the board a letter she is sending to property owners of 1,285 parcels of land in the county that currently have flood debasement property tax classifications. The letter is informing the owners that the flood debasements that result in a lower property tax are being eliminated. However, if the owner feels his property rightfully should keep the lower rate, the letter includes an application to continue the debasement.


The Bond County Democratic Party announced that due to health reasons, David Marti has withdrawn his candidacy for the Bond County Board for District #4.  They have named a new candidate who is new to politics, but not to Bond County.   We talked to Wes Pourchot who is popular in Bond County for his delicious pork burgers and steaks.  Wes told WGEL he has all his documents and petitions signed and he is ready to go.  Pourchot will be running in District #4.  He said, letting people know you care for them is important to him.  He believes citizens want to know their money is being spent wisely.  Wes said everyone works hard in Bond County and they should be represented properly. 




Kingsbury Park District Director Jerry Sauerwein, told the board at the July meeting, the settlement from the insurance company has been received regarding the loss due to the embezzlement of funds by a former employee. The insurance company, Illinois Parks Association and Risk Service, issued a check to the district for $50,000.00.  Though the total loss was approximately $120,000.00, the insurance company treated this as one claim and $50,000.00 is the cap for a claim.   An additional insurance payment of $ 5200.00 was received. This check was for the attorney expenses incurred due to any recovery attempts up to this point. Sauerwein added negotiations continue to recover more of the funds embezzled from the park district. One other check for $18,000.00 was received earlier by the Kingsbury Park District because the former employee’s bond was also used towards restitution.

Sauerwein said the park district will once again be working on a project with the incoming Greenville College Freshman. This year’s project will be at Patriots Park.

A board members said the new furniture at the pool was a nice improvement and was something needed for a long time.

The park district received the permit from the state for the climbing wall at the pool but because of the short length of the time the pool has to be open for the season , it was decided to wait until next year to order the wall.

According to Park District President Tommy Simpson, it has not yet been decided what the park will do about the fireworks from 4th of July, that were canceled due to the dry weather.


16 year-old Sarah Corbus of Greenville won the 34 mile Tour de Donut bicycle race in Staunton Saturday, July 14.  We spoke with Sarah about the unique competition. She said there are two stops in the race where competitors may eat as many donuts as they want.  For each donut a rider eats, five minutes are deducted from their overall time.  Sarah said the weather was relatively good Saturday but the course was more difficult this year.  They gave  awards for the top three competitors in categories for actual time and donut-adjusted time.  Sarah had the best time in both categories, even though she did not eat any donuts during the race.  Sarah finished with a time of 2 hours, 9 minutes, and 11 seconds.  Corbus told WGEL she plans to compete again next year.


VFW Post #1377 sponsored an American Red Cross blood drive Thursday, July 12. 54 productive units were collected with 56 people registering. Mike Kendal received a 12-gallon pin, Mark Gasser, Sr. and Ruth Wise 10-gallon pins, and Jo Ann Reymond an 8-gallon pin. Mike Bare received a blood drop pin as a first-time blood donor.




Leonard J. Sedlacek, age 70, of Holiday Shores, passed away Wednesday, July 18 at his residence.  Funeral arrangements for 70 year-old Leonard J. Sedlacek are pending at the Dauderman Mortuary in Hamel. 


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