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Well, we asked for it.

Yesterday we asked for Daily readers to submit their photos of the recent winter weather.

So they did...from Arizona and Florda!!!

"After seeing the pics in the daily I thought I'd send you a Florida winter evening picture. Was 80+ degrees here today."

Photo courtesy of Matt Willman

"If this winter is for the birds how about a snowbird in sun city Arizona?"

Photos courtesy of Robert Wade



The Greenville Chamber of Commerce together with the South Central Illinois Health Coalition will hold a worksite wellness workshop on Tuesday, February 11.

Health Educator Kelly Hebenstreit, who will be speaking at the workshop, said, “I will be talking about our worksite wellness initiative, which is a supportive program that provides employees the opportunities to be physically active, live tobacco free and eat healthy foods.”

Hebenstreit said employers can also benefit from worksite wellness by increasing productivity and performance, creating an upbeat working environment, reducing the number of employees that suffer from chronic illness and call in sick and by reducing health insurance costs.

The workshop will be begin at 8:00 a.m. at Adam Bros. Coffeehouse and is free and open to the public. For more information, call the Chamber of Commerce office at 664-9272.



A new directory display has been added to the lobby at the Bond County Court House.

“The new directory was installed late last week, and it’s just a modification of what we already had – a scrolling docket directory,” Bond County Circuit Clerk Rex Catron told WGEL. “This one has color and it gives other information to the courthouse, the community – weather information across the bottom of it at the same time. It’s just an enhanced display. It just looks really nice.”

Catron said he especially appreciates the weather radar feature on the new directory during this harsh winter weather.



The Bond County Independence Day Festival Association recently launched a new fundraising campaign to help revive the July 4th celebration at Patriot’s Park in Greenville.

“We will have other events coming up in the future, but right now we are launching a “40 for the 4th” club campaign, which allows the public to support the Independence Day festival through a $40 donation,” Association President Scott Crothers said. “That $40 donation will get them a special T-shirt for being a member of the club and some VIP perks on the day of the event, but more than anything, it allows the donor to support both financially and publicly – morally – the process of bringing back the fireworks to Bond County.”

To become a member of the “40 for the 4th Club,” pick up a form at the Greenville Chamber of Commerce office or e-mail bondcountyfourthfest@gmail.com.


Detective Scott Athmer and Sgt. Garry Sellers of the Highland Police Department were recognized recently at the Annual Southern Illinois Police Chief’s Association Awards Banquet for their heroic efforts during a large structure fire in January of 2013.

 “A large apartment building was on fire and was fully involved here in town,” Highland Police Chief Terry Bell told WGEL. “When they arrived the fire department was in the front trying to gain access and the officers went around the back and saw some people on an upper floor trying to get out. They were actually trapped because there was a fire inside their hallway and they couldn’t get out. The officers boosted each other up onto the second story overhang and pulled some teenagers out of a third floor window and got them down.”

Bell said thanks to the officer’s heroism, the teenagers were treated for minor smoke inhalation then released from the hospital.

“We thought that was definitely some extraordinary effort on both of the officers part,” Bell said. “We are all proud of them and it was nice to have some recognition for them.”

Bell said the officers were presented with the Life Saving award in front of their peers and families.



At the recent Bond County Board of Health meeting, the board unanimously voted that health department employees would pay $10 each month toward their monthly insurance premium due to an increase in costs. Administrator Mark Ayers shared the department’s efforts to put funds directly back into the local economy by utilizing local business. He reported $449,970 was spent locally and an additional $475,128 in WIC coupons, often spent locally, were distributed to over 500 clients.

The board reported over 844 doses of the flu vaccine have been used with 59 shots remaining. More than 46 cases of influenza A have been reported to the county. Ayers briefed the board on successfully receiving the Susan G. Komen grant in the amount of $3,000 which will be used to assist the department in the Breast and Cervical Cancer program.

After a closed-session meeting, the board recommended a 3 percent pay increase for the administrator and an adjustment in vacation time from 2 weeks to 3 weeks. The February Board meeting was rescheduled to meet Monday, February 24 to avoid the President’s Day holiday on the 17th.



The Comets Sports Boosters is now accepting teams for their fourth annual three-on-three basketball tournament coming up Saturday, March 8. Teams may have up to four players and a minimum of three. Boys and girls will play in separate divisions, each with brackets for third through eighth grade. Cost is $15 per player. Awards will be given for first, second, third and fourth place in each bracket.

Forms to sign up for the tournament will be coming home with students at all Unit 2 schools or you can call the high school office at 664-1370 to receive a form by e-mail.


The Lady Comet’s Friday night basketball game was packed full of special events that had emotions running high.

“It was a really emotional night in a lot of different ways,” Coach Paul Thies told WGEL. “It was senior night, we had to kind of pay tribute and say goodbye to some really special seniors … so that was emotional and then the Schrieber night with the fight for cancer, and we’re going to support Penny as she battles through this, and you know there’s another set of emotions and Kassidy hit her thousandth shot and that’s another set of emotions, so it was quite the roller coaster."

Coach Thies said this is the first time he can remember two girls on the team scoring their 1000th point shot in the same season.


None to report.




Join Joselynn McKenna this Sunday for WGEL’s Public Affairs Program. Joselynn's guest is Kelly Hebenstreit with the Southern Illinois Health Coalition.  Kelly works with Bond and surrounding counties through the We Choose Health Grant. She will lead a Worksite Wellness program for the Greenville Chamber of Commerce this coming Tuesday and we’ll also talk with her about the work she does in local schools and how she helps hospitals in the area qualify for the “baby friendly” initiative. You can hear Public Affairs this Sunday, immediately following the Bond County Area News at noon on WGEL 101.7 FM.

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