Sentenced For Infant’s Death

Timothy W. Elkins, Jr.

A New Douglas man has been sentenced to prison for involuntary manslaughter in the death of his infant son.

Timothy Elkins, age 36, was given six years in the Illinois Department of Corrections, plus 30 days of incarceration for a misdemeanor offense of child endangerment.

Two-month-old Matthew Elkins died of asphyxiation on January 31 when the infant seat he was in, at his home in New Douglas, fell forward and came to rest on a mattress. Authorities said the baby’s parents and seven brothers and sisters were asleep in the same area.

Matthew had reportedly been placed in the car seat so he wouldn’t be crushed by another family member or hurt by the pet cat.

Madison County Sheriff’s Department officials said living conditions in the house were poor with bags of trash throughout the house, and other garbage scattered. Windows in the New Douglas house were broken out.

As part of the father’s plea deal, the state dismissed nine other charges.

The mother, Amy Elkins, is scheduled to go on trial October 2 in Madison County Circuit Court. She also faces 11 criminal charges in connection with her son’s death.