Boil Order for GES & GJHS

A water line leak, just outside of the Greenville Elementary School on Tuesday morning, has led to GES and the Greenville Junior High being on a boil order for at least into Thursday.

Classes are being held as scheduled.

According to Unit 2 Superintendent Wes Olson, the administration became aware of the leak about 6:30 a.m. Tuesday. The City of Greenville was contacted and maintenance personnel brought equipment to dig and find the leaking line.

Public Works Director Bill Grider told WGEL every time city crews put a clamp on the leaking pipe, another leak occurred, so crews have replaced the entire line.

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Water pressure to the schools was maintained Tuesday so a boil order did not have to be issued at that time.

Superintendent Olson said water pressure to the toilets was affected to the point they had to be manually flushed by school personnel.

To repair the line, city workers had to shut down the line, and Grider said that led to a boil order being issued. GES and GJHS are the only water users impacted. Other residents are not under the boil order. Grider said the boil order will hopefully be lifted Thursday.

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The superintendent said water pressure on Wednesday will be sufficient for restrooms to be operational.

The district will have coolers of drinking water and bottled water available. Students can also bring their own bottled water. Handwashing is considered safe, but as a precautionary measure, alcohol-based hand sanitizers will be available.

For more information call GES or the junior high, or the Unit 2 office at 664-0170.